Verizon Blames Fios TV Losses on OTT Pressure, Competitive Promos

It was a mixed bag for Verizon Fios in Q3, as its pay TV business remained under siege even as the telco continued to tack on Fios internet customers.

Verizon lost 18,000 Fios TV subs in Q3, versus 36,000 additions in the year-ago quarter. Verizon, which has lost 46,000 Fios TV subs through the first three quarters of 2017, ended the period with 4.64 million subs in the category.

Verizon: FCC Should Mandate Roughly Identical ATSC 1.0 Simulcasts

Verizon is pushing the FCC to require broadcasters to simulcast their TV station signal in ATSC 1.0 as they transition to the next-gen ATSC 3.0 transmission standard, and to broadcast the same programming (all of it) to the same general coverage area, in the same format and at the same bit rate.

That came in conversations this week between Verizon execs and the advisors to newly returned Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel.

Cable-Tec Expo: The Boogeyman Is Real in IoT Security

DENVER — Just over the past year, connected devices including light bulbs, refrigerators, televisions, automobiles, insulin pumps and the electricity grid in the Ukraine were successfully hacked. All are evidence that the security threat for IoT and connected devices is real, but not insurmountable, according to panelists at a Cable-Tec Expo session, “IoT Security: Is It Really a Risk?”

FCC Decision on CenturyLink-Level 3 Likely Imminent

Deal watchers, including the companies involved, are looking for a decision any day out of the FCC on CenturyLink's purchase of Level 3 Communications after the FCC restarted the unofficial 180-day shot clock on its vetting of the merger Oct. 6, with 170 days on the clock. At press time Friday (Oct. 20) the FCC was in day 184.

Comcast Tests ‘Turning the Knob’ on CCAPs

DENVER — Comcast’s downtown Denver lab is spinning up a proof of concept (PoC) involving the Energy 2020 “APSIS” initiative, which aims to give operators a way to “turn the knob” on energy used by critical network components — in this case, CCAP (converged cable access platform) devices.

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Cable-Tec Expo: Operators Seek Sustainability, Savings

DENVER — The pursuit of lower electric bills and systemic sustainability is again a solid undercurrent (pun intended) at this year’s Cable-Tec Expo, in sessions, on the show floor, and within the Energy 2020 community, now in its fourth year.

KFVE Honolulu Off DirecTV

KFVE Honolulu was off DirecTV as of 6 p.m. local time Thursday (Oct. 19) after the two were unable to strike a new retransmission consent deal.

That comes after four extensions were granted by the station.

D.C. Court Allows Live Streaming

In a first for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, according to Fix the Court, oral argument in a major abortion case, Garza vs. Hargan Oct. 20 will be live streamed after Fix the Court, which advocates for greater access to federal courts, made the request.

Verizon Gives FCC Its Side of Univision Impasse

Verizon gave FCC Chairman Ajit Pai its side of the carriage dispute with Univision that has resulted in those networks being off Verizon MVPD and wireless platforms.

That came in a letter to the FCC.

Verizon SVP Kathleen Grillo said that despite Verizon's efforts over the past two months, Univision sought unreasonable terms and price increases--more than double its current rate despite declining viewership, says Grillo.

Netflix's ‘Chelsea’ Will End After This Year

Chelsea Handler will end her late night Netflix show, Chelsea, so she can focus more on political engagement and activism.

Handler explained her thinking in a note on Twitter and Facebook.