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5/18/2017 9:15 AM

MAY 18, 2017 (Exton, PA)—Pioneer Communications’ Raul Velasquez, Jr. and Comcast’s Aaron Weimer were recently named Chapter Members of the Year by the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) and its global arm, the International Society of Broadband Experts™ (ISBE).

Velasquez, who serves as treasurer of SCTE•ISBE’s High Plains Chapter, and Weimer, vice president of the Chattahoochee Chapter, both were recognized for their outstanding contributions to their chapters through active participation in programs and other efforts. The tie marks only the third time since the award’s inception that it has been shared between two recipients.

A cable service specialist from Ulysses, Kan., Velasquez has been an SCTE•ISBE member for 20 years. He played a significant leadership role in the creation of the High Plains Meeting Group and has continued to support High Plains’ diverse and far-flung member base through the transition into an official SCTE•ISBE chapter. While he officially serves as the chapter’s treasurer, he also sends out training announcements, helps with the chapter golf tournament and Vendor Days, and is highly involved in ensuring the availability of high levels of training. 

Weimer, a seven-year SCTE•ISBE member, serves as vice president, engineering & XOC for Comcast’s Central Division. In his current role, he has been active in ensuring coordination and integration between the Central Division and the Chattahoochee Chapter, including efforts to increase membership, attendance, and communications effectiveness. Weimer has chaired the chapter’s golf tournament and Vendor Days, and he has strengthened the chapter’s foundation by improving the member communications infrastructure and by partnering with Comcast University on chapter events.

“In many ways, SCTE•ISBE’s value to operator, technology partner, and individual members begins at the chapter level,” said Robin Fenton, senior director, chapter support and membership for SCTE•ISBE. “Raul Velasquez, Jr. and Aaron Weimer exemplify the commitment and dedication that helps SCTE•ISBE build value for the industry at every level.”

SCTE•ISBE’s other chapter awards for this year were presented last month at the Society’s annual Chapter Leadership Conference (CLC), in Denver. Details of those awards, as well as information about SCTE•ISBE chapters, are available at