How the Media Industry Is Coping With Online Security Threats

New research reveals best strategies for addressing website security threats. As the pace of cyber attacks increase, has your website security plan kept pace? Join this webinar for surprising findings from the latest media industry security research as well as for an expert discussion on the best practices being undertaken to minimize risk and what keeps your networks safe. 


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Spectrum Auction Preparation

How do you get there from here

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has suggested that by Thanksgiving, broadcasters can start applying to participate in the auction, which may mean billions in payouts.

The implications for technology, finance and the future direction of the broadcasting businesses are huge, and questions outnumber answers.

Two CDNs Are Better Than One

Over-the-Top (OTT) video providers like you need to plan for disaster recovery, active failover, and the DMA going offline. Utilizing next-generation analytics and load-balancing applications in tandem with a multi-CDN strategy not only provides significant QoS and performance increases, but also creates a safety net for business continuity.

Level 3 and Cedexis team up to cover: