Digital Piracy

Multichannel pay providers continue to grapple with peer-to-peer sharing and illegal downloading of content and an ever-evolving strategy to fight piracy continues. Several MSOs including Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cablevision, Verizon Communications and AT&T U-verse have teamed with the Center For Copyright Information to alert consumers that the content they are accessing could be illegally downloaded. Hear how those programs are working and what operators are doing to expand and improve their anti-piracy policies.

How You Can Actually Make Money From Social TV

Social TV is the Next Big Thing. It’s the combination of television, social media, and audience-grabbing apps that boosts viewership, fan loyalty, and makes advertisers willing to buy space on Social TV-supported programs. That’s the theory, but is anyone making money from Social TV? More importantly, how are they making this money, and what can you learn from them so that you can profit from Social TV too?

Creating And Marketing Branded Apps That Deliver

Now’s your opportunity to examine how to create and market branded apps that deliver customers, loyalty and value to the user. With mobile devices becoming the preferred platform for going online, branded apps provide a unique opportunity to connect with consumers. But how do you craft an app that actually delivers customers and brand loyalty? A leading lineup of panelists will offer answers and discuss how to:


• Create and deliver content that solves a problem, provides a service or creates an experience