The Media Industry Transition to IP: Defining the Business Case

Key broadcast leaders like ESPN, Fox, and NBC are already transitioning their broadcast infrastructure to IT/IP. They have realized immediate savings and efficiencies in some instances, and positioned themselves for the future in others.  Broadcasters and media companies considering the transition to IT/IP need to understand the opportunity and learn best practices from the first movers.

TV's Tipping Point: Will the Internet wreck or revitalize the TV industry in 2015

With over half a billion internet connected devices in American homes, 2015 promises to be a pivotal year in the future of the TV business as IP and digital technologies show signs of seriously disrupting the business models and consumer habits that have long sustained the $150 billion TV industry.

What Cable's Customers Want

Certain big brands - outside of Cable - excel at turning customers in fans. These companies provide superior experiences, measure customer response, refine as they go, and see real financial returns as a result. This webinar will address how these companies deliver the best customer experiences, what they do to measure and improve, and what steps Cable operators can take today to turn their customers into fans and win on customer experience. 

Digital Piracy

Multichannel pay providers continue to grapple with peer-to-peer sharing and illegal downloading of content and an ever-evolving strategy to fight piracy continues. Several MSOs including Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cablevision, Verizon Communications and AT&T U-verse have teamed with the Center For Copyright Information to alert consumers that the content they are accessing could be illegally downloaded. Hear how those programs are working and what operators are doing to expand and improve their anti-piracy policies.