Comcast/Time Warner Cable: What Does It Mean for Programmers?

This webinar is now offered in an archived format

The pending $69 billion Comcast Time Warner Cable merger has been a hot topic in boardrooms and living rooms across the country over the past few months. Now as regulators scrutinize the deal and its overall benefit to the public interest, Multichannel News will dissect the merger and its potential impact on programmers in a webinar on May 27th.

With regulatory approval expected as early as the end of this year, the Comcast/TWC union will create a 30-million subscriber behemoth with a near-national scope. While most of the debate around the merger has concerned broadband issues and net neutrality, the merger could have a profound effect on programming by creating a more powerful negotiator in the combined company. Smaller operators could feel the pinch as programmers seek to take up the slack by increasing their rates.

Join a lively discussion about how the Comcast/TWC merger could alter the programming landscape from the perspective of cable’s content providers.

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Mike Farrell

Senior Finance Editor, Multichannel News


Thomas W. Eagan

Analyst, Telsey Advisory Group

Ross Lieberman

SVP, Government Affairs, American Cable Association

Eric Sherman

CEO, Veria Living