How You Can Actually Make Money From Social TV

Social TV is the Next Big Thing. It’s the combination of television, social media, and audience-grabbing apps that boosts viewership, fan loyalty, and makes advertisers willing to buy space on Social TV-supported programs. That’s the theory, but is anyone making money from Social TV? More importantly, how are they making this money, and what can you learn from them so that you can profit from Social TV too?

The TV Biz webinar, ‘How You Can Actually Make Money from Social TV’, will answer these and other questions. Aided by experts with bankable Social TV experience, you will be able to:

  • Find out what TV networks and shows are doing with Social TV today, and how it is earning them money
  • Get insights into the creation of viable Social TV platforms that you can apply to your own broadcast/cable/Web properties
  • Learn what’s coming up on the Social TV horizon, and how you can be ready to capitalize on it

Archived Webinar -$129

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Kevin Arrix

Chief Revenue Officer, Viggle

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Media Interaction and ACR Solution Specialist, Civolution

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Executive VP and Managing Director Zeebox