Next TV: Finding the MCN Model

This webinar is now offered in an archived format

When Disney agreed in March to purchase Maker Studios for as much as $950 million, it was the biggest deal ever involving a YouTube multichannel network—but not the only one. In recent months Machinima closed an $18 million round of independent financing led by Warner Bros. and hired a new CEO. And Big Frame was purchased by AwesomenessTV, which itself was purchased last year by DreamWorks Animation.

With so much attention from large, traditional media companies focused on MCNs, it’s important to understand how their business models work and what they do to create value. Next TV: Finding the MCN Model will gather the most important players in the MCN space to explore what makes their companies tick, and what’s driving the future of filmed entertainment on digital platforms.

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Daniel Holloway

Programming and Digital Media Editor, Broadcasting & Cable


Ashley Kaplan

Head of Content, Fullscreen

Sarah Penna

Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Big Frame

Cameron Saless

SVP, Business Development,Machinima