The Ultimate HD Content Conundrum: Getting 4K Programming Into the Home

If UltraHD (UHD) is going to be a hit with consumers, programmers and CE manufacturers must find ways to create more 4K content at a time when low set penetration rates make it difficult to monetize the programming. This webinar will examine the early plans to produce and deliver more UHD content into the home and explore some of the key questions surrounding the dawn of 4K TV, including:

  • What are the emerging business models for distributing 4K content?
  • What technologies will make UHD production a more viable option for production and distribution?
  • What progress is the marketplace likely to see in 2014 regarding UHD production and distribution?

Archived Webinar -$129

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George Winslow

Contributing Editor, Broadcasting & Cable


Tom Cosgrove

President & CEO, 3net and 3net Studios

Jerry Steinberg

Senior Vice President, Field Operations, Fox Sports

Keith Wymbs

VP of Marketing, Elemental Technologies