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Wi-Fi First—Empowering the MSOs to Win the Mobile War

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014 - 15:30

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Mobile operators are going after all MSO revenue. First, mobile phones took over land lines. Now, LTE is encroaching on high-speed Internet service in the home. The world is moving away from fixed-line communications and into mobile.

We spend 80% of our day within range of Wi-Fi and the bulk of our data consumption is performed in the home, so why don't our devices and mobile services reflect that behavior? A mobile device should look to use Wi-Fi wherever possible and only use cellular to fill the gaps, setting up a "Wi-Fi First" scenario. This webinar will discuss the collision course between cable operators and cellular operators and explore the “Wi-Fi First” opportunity that will thrust MSOs to the forefront of mobile communications

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Jeff Baumgartner
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Technology Editor, Multichannel News
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Alan Berrey
Speaker Title: 
Co-Founder and CEO, Scratch Wireless, Inc
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Alan Berrey is a serial entrepreneur, constantly searching for ways to disrupt the mobile industry. Currently he is co-founder and CEO of Scratch Wireless, Inc., the first truly free, unlimited smartphone service in the U.S. market. Prior to co-founding Scratch, Alan was the Founder and President of Mobile Collect, a SaaS solution for text messaging and wireless solutions for large enterprises.
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Carrie MacGillvray
Speaker Title: 
VP, Mobile Services, IoT & Network Infrastructure, IDC
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Speaker Bio: 
Carrie MacGillivray is a Program Vice President on IDC’s mobility team, and is responsible for mobile services, Internet of Things (IoT) and service provider infrastructure research. Carrie's in-depth analysis examines market developments, quantifies the market opportunity and provides comprehensive analysis for the mobile operator in serving both consumers and businesses, as well as leading IDC's IoT research efforts examining this burgeoning market. Prior to joining IDC, Carrie was a research analyst at Yankee Group in its enterprise research group covering enterprise mobility and general telecommunications trends. More speakers to be announced