Smart TV Becomes Battle Ground

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LAS VEGAS — Among tech companies competing in the over-the-top market, access to smart TVs has become a big issue, and Apple had one of the bigger CES announcements last week when it revealed that it will now offer AirPlay 2 support to smart TVs made by Samsung, LG, Vizio and Sony.

This will enable owners of those TVs to natively watch movies and TV shows rented and purchased in Apple’s iTunes Store on their sets without the need for an additional OTT device. AirPlay 2 support also lets them do things like port music over to their TVs, as well as integrate Siri voice commands into the tube-watching experience.

For its part, Roku has been riding high in the smart TV market for several years, making its OTT ecosystem the one buyers of major sets use after they purchase a number of major brands.

Don’t look for Roku to diminish from the smart TV market anytime soon just because Apple suddenly infiltrated it, however. Asked if it was going it is going to support AirPlay 2, Chinese smart TV maker TCL said in published reports that it is committed to Roku.