Multichannel Planner -- Week of Oct. 17, 2016

#NYCTVWK, Halloween fare, Netflix earnings and more

Heading into NYC TV & Video Week, here are some items from MCN editors’ datebooks for this week.

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Cable’s most watched scripted series, AMC’s The Walking Dead, returns for its seventh season on Sunday (Oct. 23), highlighting several premieres of genre-based shows and specials as the calendar moves closer to Halloween.

Netflix will launch the third season of British sci-fi drama series Black Mirror on Friday (Oct. 21), while on Saturday (Oct. 22) BBC America rings in its freshman sci-fi comedy series Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (pictured). Original movies premiering on Saturday include Hallmark Channel’s Good Witch Halloween and Syfy’s Shadows of the Dead.

Elsewhere online, Hulu hosts psychological drama series Chance starring Hugh Laurie on Wednesday (Oct. 19), and Amazon Video premieres civil rights-themed original movie An American Girl Story — Melody 1963: Love Has to Win on Friday.

The third and final presidential debate between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump comes Wednesday (Oct. 19) at 9 p.m. across a number of broadcast and cable networks including Fox News Channel, CNN, C-SPAN and MSNBC. Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace will moderate the debate from Las Vegas.

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Federal Communications Commission member Ajit Pai holds a “Fireside Chat” about digital empowerment and the LGBTQ community on Tuesday (Oct. 18) in Washington, sponsored by the LBGT Technology Partnership and Institute. On Wednesday (Oct. 19), the FCC will launch the second stage of the forward auction, where wireless carriers and others — including Comcast NBCUniversal — will be bidding on 114 Megahertz of reclaimed broadcast spectrum. They will need to pony up about $56.5 billion for the auction to close and the FCC to start freeing up that spectrum for wireless broadband.

Also on Wednesday, the National Telecommunications & Information Administration is convening its first multistakeholder meeting on the Internet of Things. The goal is to come up with definitions and best practices for upgrading the security of Internet-connected devices and systems.

On Thursday (Oct. 20), the FCC will release the agenda for its Oct. 27 monthly meeting. The tentative meeting agenda circulated three weeks ago had the broadband privacy item set for a vote. If that item is still on the docket, starting Friday (Oct. 21) stakeholders will no longer be able to contact FCC decision-makers about the privacy item, per the seven-day quiet period in advance of an item scheduled for a meeting vote.

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Netflix is set to release Q3 results on Monday (Oct. 17), and watchers will be wondering if the over-the-top giant will hit its subscriber targets after badly missing its Q2 streaming forecast.

In Q2, it added 1.7 million, off from an anticipated 2.5 million, due to an uptick in churn caused in part by a rate increase/”ungrandfathering” process that won’t be completed until later this year.

For Q3, Netflix has been aiming to add 2.3 million net streaming subscribers: 300,000 in the U.S. and about 2 million from its international rollout. If it hits those numbers, it will have about 85.48 million members worldwide. Netflix is also expected to get some modest help later this year as its service is integrated with Comcast’s X1 platform.

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