ABC Kills 'My Generation' -- And the Show's Nifty iPad App


First rule of TV: The show mustn’t suck.

ABC may have put the next-generation social media/interactive horse before the cart with My Generation. The network Friday announced it was canceling the show after viewership plummeted from the premiere’s 5.17 million to 3.82 million for episode 2.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about My Generation, which had been in the Thursday 8 p.m. slot, was ABC’s companion iPad app, designed to “listen” to Nielsen audio watermarks and pop up related content, polls, behind-the-scenes bits and interactive ads (see ABC Syncs Up iPad App For ‘My Generation’ Premiere).

Problem is, the show itself — a faux documentary about nine 20-somethings who graduated in the same high-school class of ‘00 — wasn’t compelling enough to hook an audience.

Reviews were mixed. The Washington Post’s Hank Stuever derided the show as “an ABC [Way] Afterschool Special” and Entertainment Weekly called the show “a total mess” and said it “doesn’t feel remotely like anything from the decade it’s supposedly about.”

Other critics were more favorable, with The New York Times‘ Alessandra Stanley finding it “appealing.”

My Generation is the second network show from the 2010 fall season spiked after Fox earlier this week yanked the poorly performing Lone Star.

Meanwhile, CBS apparently is letting William Shatner’s misanthropic grump in $#*! My Dad Says — based on the Twitter account of the same name — live to see another day despite its own week-two ratings drop off (see CBS to Sculpt Sitcom From a Twitter Feed).