Alive and Kicking


With all the pontificating over the death of print, I sometimes feel that reports of our demise are exaggerated.With today’s issue, I hope you’ll agree we’ve never delivered a more vibrant print product about a purely digital world.

At almost 31-years-old, the magazine just got a facelift, all in an effort to make it easier for you to navigate, read and enjoy.

I know many readers have gone digitally native, consuming Multichannel News online or via mobile or our e-newsletters. Thank you. But the printed magazine bears a longer, lingering look. Think of it as the original browser.

Online is certainly the destination for breaking news, and the place for the freshest analysis.

But despite its rep as a relic, if you ask me, I think the magazine delivers a richer experience -though deeper analysis, intelligent infographics and unique viewpoints. Not to mention the random access to articles — and the tactile experience — of turning the page.

With these latest upgrades, we’ve triaged the news with our “Top 10 Stories” list, moved the hottest news and analysis upfront, employed bigger and bolder graphics, and created a “takeaway box” to give readers an instant snapshot of a story’s significance.

I spend most of my time in a digital, up-to-the-second world of multiple platforms. If we’re not delivering content on screens, we’re writing about what goes on behind them and on them.

I like to think of print as still the best platform.