America's Best Dance Crew: Sneak Peek (Wikipedia oopsie?)

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Last Tuesday, the press were escorted around the Warner Bros. lot in Los Angeles and the sets of NBC’s Chuck, ABC’s Pushing Daisies, Fox’s Dollhouse (Joss Whedon’s newest surrealist series) and MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew.

As the press filed into Stage 23 for the America’s Best Dance Crew rehearsal and a continental breakfast thoughtfully laid out by Warner Bros. staff, hips began to sway and shoulders moved to the infectious music mix.

In the video section on Multichannel’s home page, see the sneak peek of the Supreme Soul crew prepping for tonight’s performance.  A big shout out to Warner Bros. publicity for giving me the all clear to take a few snaps and to shoot the vid with my little Flip camera.

In a rather strange turn of events, the America’s Best Dance Crew/Season Two Wikipedia page was recently updated, then "down" dated.  At first, Wikipedia indicated that my hometown boys!, Supreme Soul, will be eliminated tonight.

Then, the information vanished sometime this morning.  

ETA:  Yes, last night Supreme Soul and Super Cr3w - both excellent - were voted into the bottom two, putting the judges between the devil and the deep blue.   Reluctantly, the judges dismissed my hometown boys, Supreme Soul.

FYI, the two "weakest" teams as determined by voting (which, btw, are not necessarily the "weakest," since sometimes the voters just have an off night) must defend their right to stay in the competition.  Judges determine which crew advances to the next round.

According to Warner Bros. materials, ABDC makes MTV the "#1 network in its time period (Thurs., 10-11:30p) among P12-34 across all of television, even besting broadcast."  (In another handout, the data is a bit more qualified.  I’ll update here when clarification becomes available.) 

Don’t miss tonight’s airing.  It’s week six, the "Bring Da Beat" or "Props" challenge.  Other dance shows on television pale in comparison to the electric, cutting-edge, street energy of America’s Best Dance Crew.  It’s the best of the genre.  Seriously, watch this show.

Here are a few pics of Supreme Soul, from the rehearsal.

I think that’s ‘Kool Raul’ Navalta, on the floor.