America's Got Sleaze. Oops! I Meant Talent....

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Last night’s episode of NBC’s America’s Got Sleaze America’s Got Talent showcased Miss Pussykatt.   (real name: Cassie Truskowski)

Pussykatt pranced around the stage with an angle grinder that spewed fountains of sparks.  She mimed shooting sprays from her vajajay area.  

With a plaintive, tinkling piano track filling the background, Pussykatt described herself as just a "small town gal" who grew up "with lots of animals and horses." Her parents are "supportive" and "understanding."

Does anyone else think this sounds suspiciously like a 30 Rock storyline?

The judges "marveled" and handed her a ticket to the Las Vegas bootcamp. 

"You have sparked my interest," said judge David Hasselhoff. 

Host Jerry Springer said the judges’ "eyes were glassy through the entire performance."

Riiiighhht.  Gawker reports that a near-identical act aired on Britain’s Got Talent and says at least one judge - former Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan (the one who "marveled") - has "seen the very same act, down to the choreography, last year when he was a judge on Britain’s Got Talent.’"

Gawker posted both vids on their site and you can compare and contrast over there.

ETA:  As one Gawker reader pointed out, the grinder bit has also been spotted on David Letterman’s "Will It Float."