Animal Planet's Whale Wars Rocks The Boat


When Animal Planet previewed Whale Wars last summer at Television Critics Association, I was an early enthusiast.  Filmed aboard an ocean-going vessel owned by Sea Shepherd, the seven-part series tracks the organization’s aggressive effort to eradicate Japanese whaling.

Whale Wars premieres tonight (Friday) at 9p.  Click here for the website.

And, in fact, the Japanese whaling industry is scrambling to discredit Whale Wars by claiming in this press release that some footage was "staged."  All I can say is: consider the source.

The Japanese whaling industry has reason to be concerned about the exposure.  They are slaughtering some of the most magnificent mammals on the planet and Whale Wars explores the brutality in brilliant high def.

Impressive ratings for Whale Wars seem assured.  All the elements for success are there.  The confined space of the shipboard setting is a perfect set-up for tension.  Action-adventure, fantastic HD footage in a remote location, helicopter shots, eco-piracy on the high seas for all the right reasons, and even romance - what more could you ask for in a reality series?

You can read my early (more detailed) assessment, written (somewhat) on the fly from TCA, posted here.

Unfortunately, Animal Planet did not distribute screeners, not that I know of.  So, I can’t tell you as much as I would like about Whale Wars.  Only that, per the TCA previews, it looked like the series rocks the boat.  For sure, I’ll be watching tonight at 9p.

Here’s a preview.