Approval, Of Portion, of Net Neutrality Rules To Be Published...We Think


The seemingly endless paperwork of getting the FCC’s network neutrality rules into effect is almost over, but not quite.According to the FCC, look for the Federal Register Wednesday (Sept. 21) to publish the Office of Management and Budget’s approval of the paperwork-related portions of the new rules, which were adopted by the FCC last December but have yet to go into effect.

Any rules that require additional paperwork, as the net rules do, must have those portions approved by OMB per the Paperwork Reduction Act.

But that is not, we repeat, not, the publication that triggers the 60-day clock on the effective date of the rules or the filing of lawsuits.

That won’t come until the actual rules are published in the Federal Register, which is will likely not be fore a few more days.

After that, suits can be filed, the clock starts, Katie bar the door, all bets are off, and other similar phrases.