Art497: When Comcast Gets It Right


We’ve all heard a lot of telecom horror stories and I’ve been reporting from the perspective of the lowly, generally powerless, end user.

At one point my husband walked into my office and plastered a little print on my bulletin board.  It’s St. Michael, slaying the dragon; the other is a bumper sticker he bought me. "If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention," it says.

But I’m happy to report a couple of positive experiences with Comcast recently.  It’s actually a relief and a delight to write an upbeat blog post about one of the telecoms for once. 

First off, we got a little prezzie in the mail from Comcast. 

"Dear Valued Customer:  Thank you for choosing Comcast as your entertainment provider.  We know you have lots of choices hwen it comes to your home enterainment and communications needs and we’d like to thank you for choosing Comcast…Plase accept this free On Demand movie as a token of our appreciation…"

Okay - it’s a little thing.  $4.99.  Still, we do watch On Demand movies on occasion so the thought was nice.

I may have had run-ins with Comcast customer service but my experience with Marin County on-the-ground staff has always been very positive.  I find that their crews are well trained, polite and helpful.

Today was no exception.   The HD channels on my plasma have been pixelating.  Not all channels.  The problem seems confined mostly to ABC and NBC, late at night.  The problem was bad last week but now seems to have mysteriously vanished.  On January 4, the Bay Area was hit with record high winds, so I was concerned about the outside wiring. 

(As far as I know, in our neighborhood, Comcast was the only system to stay up and running during the January storm…everyone in our neighborhood who did have power still had Comcast.  But our AT&T land lines failed - all three of them - for the first time in memory.  And these lines are supposed to function during a power outage and we keep old corded phones around for this purpose.  It was a little scary, to be honest.)

Art497 arrived promptly within the promised two hour window.  He didn’t like the looks of the connector terminating into my box so he repaired the end thingy.

Then we chatted at length about the possibilities.  The signal strength was good at the time.  The outside connections were good.  (Two years ago Comcast replaced the outside wiring all the way to the pole.)