Battlestar Galactica Meets Planet of The Apes


True to form, the Battlestar Galactica mid-season finale last Friday was predictably morose and wearing.  Dark, dark and more dark.   Every time I dare to tune in, someone’s getting blown out of an airlock or…something.  It’s mho that Executive Producer Ron Moore needs to lighten up a little.

As the season closes midway, the Colonial Fleet finally locates Earth, the promised land.  But the joy is short-lived - Shangri-la has been nuked and, apparently, abandoned.  Think: Planet of The Apes.

The only thing missing was Commander Adama kneeling in the frothy surf at the foot of a half-buried Statue of Liberty and pounding his fist in the warm Malibu sand.  "You blew it up! Damn you!! God damn you all to helll!!!"

Clip of the final minutes of the BsG mid-season finale:

Six minutes, thirty seconds into this clip…Charlton Heston’s iconic scene from Planet of The Apes.