BBC America HD Launches in NYC on TWC


BBC America says it has signed a Time Warner Cable distribution pact, with New York City the first region adding the channel. It goes on the system today, on channel 685. More details to come but wanted to get the news out to hopefully calm the legions of fans disappointed when the channel went unseen during the July launch week which featured such sci-fi HD treats as Torchwood: Children of Earth and Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead. The launch is a late addition to the raft of upcoming Big Apple lineup changes we reported on last month. They take effect today.

The channel launch date announcement came only about seven weeks before the planned launch, so it’s been a logistical challenge for the folks at BBC America to line up launches. The short window was at least partly a factor of dealing with the U.K. schedulers on shows such as Torchwood. But New York City is a good place to start.