Beach Volleyball Amnesty Day! plus, Cheerleader Action


A dead-on column from Seattle P.I. columnist Ron Judd:

Friday, Aug. 22 is the day a lot of Americans have been pining for what seems like forever.

It’s Beach Volleyball Amnesty day….

That’s because the final match of the Beijing Games, the men’s gold-medal game, commences at 11 a.m. Friday in Beijing…

When that match is over, Thursday night, DTZ, our long national volleyball nightmare is over….

Since you asked: The men’s gold-medal game is beach volleyball match No. 54. And yes, you’ve very likely been subjected to all of them.

Women’s BVB gold medal contenders Misty and Kerry have some great moves, and they’re fabulously talented.  But I know way more than I should about Fremont-native Kerri’s wedding ring - which flew off her finger and disappeared into the sand after she punched the ball. 

NBC even tracked the ring’s trajectory by slo-mo.

And you need to ask why we’re pinning for BVAD?

For some real action in the BVB venue, click here to watch bikini-clad cheerleaders prancing in the sand to techno music and gyrating their sculpted booties for the cameras.