Bill O'Reilly, Drama Queen


Bill O’Reilly demonstrated once again that he’s an old codger out of touch with the new millenium.

Bill got all offended after reading nasty remarks about Nancy Reagan in the comment section of a simple news item posted on Arianna Huffington’s blog.

ETA:  There are no comments listed.  Due the power of google cache, however, we see that at least 60 comments were deleted.  Did Arianna cave to Fox News?

The comment sections on a lot of blogs are a free-for-all - left, right, center, up, down, sideways.

Shrug.  The right-wing blogs are just as rough, if not worse.  It’s a tough world out there in cyberspace and the anonymity seems to bring out the worst in people no matter what their  political stripe. 

Besides, it’s hard to draw the line on moderation.  Less is almost always more when it comes to moderating comments.

But…yeesh.  I’m stating the obvious here.  This is yet another total non-issue, blown out of proportion and exploited for the publicity value - kind of like Hillary Clinton’s hysteria over the "pimping" slang used by David Shuster of MSNBC. 

The Reagan remarks prompted Bill-O to bloviate and spew his own brand of venom.  Pot meet kettle.

"What’s the difference between the KKK and Arianna Huffington?….I don’t see any difference between the Huffington and the Nazis," raged Bill.

Seriously.  Bill O’Reilly is such a drama queen!  He couldn’t even get Mary Katharine Ham to agree with him.  

It must have been a slow news day if the only thing Bill can find to rage about are comments on Arianna Huffington’s blog.

Anyway - here’s the clip, if you have nothing better to do with your time: