Bloodletting in The Streets of Twitter: AMC's "The Killing" Finale

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Ouch. Blood is running in the streets of Twitter over the frustrating, exasperating season one finale of AMC’s The Killing.

I had a bad, bad feeling early on.  The series made me nervous for reasons I couldn’t quite pinpoint, but I feared it might go the way of Lost or (since it’s a mystery set in the Pacific Northwest revolving around the murder of a lovely young woman) Twin Peaks  - a plot maze of twists and turns, complexity for complexity’s sake, and audience-dissing red herrings.

My worst fears have been realized.

I don’t know if Twin Peaks is responsible for this sorry television habit of “betraying viewers” - as Maureen Ryan accused the network and The Killing producers of doing -  but I clearly recall Twin Peaks was the first show I adored initially, and then ended up hating with equal passion after the writers simply went off a very self-indulgent cliff.

(Remember how Killer Bob reversed time and brought Cooper back to life?  Head in hands.)

Then came Alias.  and Lost.

Anyway - here’s a smattering of some of today’s chatter:

Jeff Greenwald: “The [The Killing] finale was just the last in a long, frustrating, and soggy line of cheap fake-outs, preposterous 180s, and colossal storytelling disappointments.”

Please click on the next link to the most furious post I’ve ever read coming from Maureen Ryan.   Says Ryan: “It was a jaw-dropping instance of a show not just squandering its promise, but betraying its viewers.  The tone-deaf arrogance of the writers and executives responsible for ‘The Killing’ is simply astonishing.  And depressing, if you’re a fan of quality television.”


Some Twitter snapshots:


#GameofThrones finale most energetic ep of season but RT @moryan #TheKilling’s Sunday ep is the worst season finale ever


2 mo’ #TheKilling links: Greenwald’s funny spot-on review & @Memles’ look at AMC’s branding issues.


Killing finale ratings: 2.3 million viewers (2.1M in the key demo of “Viewers Throwing Things at their TV Set While Flipping the Bird”)


Other critics have nitpicked the numerous plot/motivation/character flaws. I held out until the end, giving benefit of the doubt. Mistake.


Did “The Killing” just kill itself? My Hollywood Reporter take on the finale.


2.3 million viewers for season finale of ‘The Killing.’ Or actually 2 million who watched last night, and 300K who will tune in next year.


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