Cable Hall of Fame: Matt Blank's Top 10 Acceptance Speech


Denver — Showtime CEO Matt Blank, one of the seven members of the 2009 Cable Hall of Fame, delivered a Lettermanesque acceptance speech at the awards dinner on Tuesday night.

Insight CEO Michael Willner, who’s also chairman of The Cable Center, called him “the funniest man in cable” in Blank’s video highlight reel. You be the judge — here are his “Top 10 Reasons I Agreed to Be Inducted Into the Hall of Fame”:

10. “I was coming to Denver anyhow to call on TCI.”

9. “Content is king again — thank you, Brian Roberts.”

8. “Didn’t want to miss the Hulu after-party (see previous reason).”

7. “The Cable Center said I could host a Weeds after-party at next year’s Hall of Fame.”

6. “There hasn’t been a Jew inducted into the Cable Hall of Fame since Bob Johnson.” (”Risky, risky,” Blank added about the joke.)

5. “Already traded a year of CBS retrans with Willner.”

4. “The chance to Twitter from Cable-Tec Expo tomorrow.”

3. “I wanted to do this before the NCTA moved The Cable Center to Detroit to save money.”

2. “I was accidentally trapped on a homemade weather balloon.”

And the No. 1 reason — the sincere one: “Frankly, because outside of my family, everything great that has happened to me is because of this industry.”

Here are links to profiles of each of the seven Cable Hall of Fame inductees — who were said to have a combined 200 years of service to the industry — penned by K.C. Neel in this week’s Multichannel News:

Char Beales, president and CEO, CTAM

Matt Blank, chairman and CEO, Showtime Networks

Jim Cownie, co-founder and past president, Heritage Communications

Robert Hughes, founder, Prime Cable

Tom Rutledge, chief operating officer, Cablevision Systems

Bernard Shaw, anchor emeritus, CNN

Tom Wheeler, managing director, Core Capital Partners