Cable Show 2012: Cisco Flash Mob Features Big Green Men


Boston — It looked like Cisco Systems fellow John Chapman was opening up the 2012 Cable Show’s Imagine Park exhibit on Monday to talk about the vendor’s Videoscape platform (see Cisco Pushes Videoscape Into ‘Cloud’ Formation).

But (thankfully?) he was quickly interrupted by a blaring techno mix and a dude dancing on stage behind him — who was joined eventually by about 100 professional dancers, disguised as convention-goers in the audience.

Some of the performers were clad in neon-green, head-to-toe bodysuits, who teased the event beforehand with signs reading, “Don’t miss the event of the Show! Imagine Park, today at 11:30am! Be there!” Weird but visually arresting.

NCTA chief Michael Powell, who came out after the flash-mob dance was over to welcome the crowd, deadpanned: “I gotta get a green suit like that. It’s amazingly flattering.”

Watch a video of the stunt:


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