Cable-Tec Expo: That's a Wrap


Last week’s Cable-Tec Expo may have been lighter on attendees (9,000 in Denver vs. 11,000 in Philadelphia in 2008) but it was heavy on interesting demos, new products and forward-thinking ideas.

Several technologies that have been stuck in labs-based demos for years — IP video over cable, interactive TV, network DVR and multiroom DVR — appeared to have all the pieces in place for real-world deployments.

Here’s a recap of some of the highlights:

> Cisco Debuts ‘Blue’ IPTV Guide For Cable

>Rogers Not Sold On Tru2way

>Translation Please: EBIF Landscape, Revisited

>SeaChange: RS-DVR Ready For Action

>Comcast’s Project Cavalry Priority: Do-It-Yourself DTAs

>Pace Picks Up Multiroom DVR Customersand Broadcom Aims At Cable Multiroom DVR

>CMC Flips Open Yellow Pages On TV

>TM Forum Opens Internet-Monitoring Spec To Cable

>Moto Imagines a ‘Universal’ 3DTV Set-Top

>What the HectoQAM?!

>Comcast’s DOCSIS 3.0 Rollout Hits 34 Million Homes