CableLabs' Next CEO: Guessing Game


Dick Green is putting in another 15 months as CEO of CableLabs, then he’ll move on to do something else — he told me yesterday that he hopes to remain involved in cable. (See CableLabs CEO Green To Step Down.)

So, who will replace the illustrious Dr. Green

I hear this has been a guessing game for the past few years.

Executives mentioned as potential candidates include: Don Dulchinos, CableLabs senior vice president of advanced platforms and services; Comcast CTO Tony Werner; Charter CTO Marwan Fawaz; and Jim Chiddix, former CTO of Time Warner Cable. 

CableLabs may also choose to search for talent outside the industry, sources noted. 

Well, they’ve certainly given themselves a long runway here. As Green himself said: “We’re starting early so we have sufficient time to [find a new CEO] in a very professional and orderly way.”