Cablevision Keeps Netflix Pole Position


Cablevision Systems remained the top-ranked “large” U.S.-based ISP in the eyes of Netflix in April, delivering an average streaming speeds of 2.41 Mbps. Google Fiber, which isn’t large by any means yet, did 1-Meg better, with an average of 3.41 million, still better than any ISP ranked by Netflix around the globe.

Not so coincidentally, both Cablevision and Google Fiber are members of Open Connect, Netflix’s private content delivery network (CDN) program that also gives participants access to the company’s “Super HD” library. Designed to help reduce stress on the network, Open Connect requires participating ISPs to install a pre-configured caching device. Other known Open Connect members include Virgin Media, BT Group, Suddenlink Communications and Cox Communications.  

We’ve asked Time Warner Cable if there’s any change in its Open Connect status. Recall that it’s been in talks with Netflix about it while also claiming that Netflix’s Open Connect content policy gives unfair preferential treatment to member ISPs. Nothing new to report on that front, as a TWC spokesman said Friday that those conversations are ongoing.

There was not a lot of jockeying among ISPs compared to the earlier March rankings. Charter Communications jumped one spot to number five, swapping places with Verizon Communications. Mediacom, meanwhile rose a spot, good for seventh, switching spots with Comcast. Clearwire, the only U.S. wireless broadband in the Netflix rankings, was again last, posting an average of 1.24 Mbps, just behind Verizon DSL (1.42 Mbps) and AT&T DSL (1.48 Mbps).

And here’s a look through the Netflix prism at the top and bottom ranked ISP in other regions of the world (there’s more detail here): 

United Kingdom
Top: Virgin Media (2.47 Mbps)
Bottom: TalkTalk (2.08 Mbps)

Top: Magnet (2.23 Mbps)
Bottom: Imagine (1.55 Mbps)

Top: Waoo (2.86 Mbps)
Bottom: Telenor (2.11 Mbps)

Top: KYMP (2.94 Mbps)
Bottom: TeliaSonera (2.28 Mbps)

Top: Ownit (2.99 Mbps)
Bottom: Tele2 (2.24 Mbps)

Top: GET (2.70 Mbps)
Bottom: Telenor (2.07 Mbps)

Top: Cablemas (2.10 Mbps)
Bottom: Axtel (1.30 Mbps)