Cablevision: Lewis & Clark for Canoe?


The backwoodsy metaphors inspired by Canoe Ventures have proven irresistable (e.g., Canoe Chief Paddles Faster).

Originally a code name (”Project Canoe”), the moniker is meant to evoke cooperation — everyone paddling together to reach the same destination, we’re all in the same boat, etc. — and not necessarily buckskin, beaver traps and campfires.

But… c’mon, canoes are just fun.

Speaking about Cablevision’s efforts to drive advanced-advertising forward, specifically with its expansion of addressable ads to 500,000 homes in the New York DMA, Tracey Scheppach, senior vice president and video innovation director at ad agency Starcom USA, explained that the MSO is like a scouting party for the industry.


“They’re like the Lewis and Clark for Canoe,” she said. “Canoe wants to get to the same place, and they will get there with a different approach. But Cablevision isn’t sitting around waiting.”

So wait — then who are the Native Americans? And what would the Louisiana Purchase represent?

That sound you hear is a metaphor begging for mercy.