Can We Please Stop Talking about Sarah Palin's Wardrobe?


I’m no fan of Sarah Palin.  But this incessant focus on her wardrobe is yet another example of media obsession with trivia. 

National televison, and especially HD, is unforgiving.  Look fabulous or else.  Other candidates dress in expensive clothing.  Why the double-standard.  

There is a difference in the way a great Armani suit fits.  It’s like a second skin.  And Sarah Palin looks terrific in her wardrobe.  By the way, I want a pair of those beautiful red shoes.  If I could only look as good in them as Sarah Palin.

I’m not interested in Sarah Palin’s wardrobe.  I’m interested in how she thinks and/or whether she’s qualified to assume the presidency should John McCain suddenly be diagnose with metastasized melanoma - which is a REAL possibility but no one’s really talking about that.

A Sunday NYT article on health records was buried - and I mean buried - as all the cable news channels obsessively dissected Sarah Palin’s dull, vapid Saturday Night Live appearance where the most interesting thing she did was pump her hands in the air a little during Amy Poehler’s rap.

This brings me to all the junk we’ve been bombarded with this election and yes, MSM you are to blame.  The McCain camp has lead the MSM around by the snout, starting with the Lipstick on A Pig incident one week before the financial meltdown. 

The McCain camp has run amok with their Bill Ayers fallacies, mostly unchallenged by MSM - the biggest of which is the "Obama’s career was launched in Ayer’s living room" lie repeated over and over and over again by Palin, McCain and their surrogates.  I’ve heard this said (and it’s always verbatim, obviously memorized)  on AC360, on Chris Matthews and elsewhere.  But no one (except perhaps Maddow and Olbermann) steps in to say, no wait a minute, that’s simply false.

The MSM also chased ACORN story and whipped up unncessary hysteria around that issue as well.