Can You Turn No-Name Content Into a Hit? Netflix Wants to Talk

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Netflix is seeking a Director of Truthiness.

The Internet streamer brags about how it uses Google-y Big Data algorithms to push video recommendations -- and inform its content acquisition strategy -- but Netflix also understands there’s a black art to entertainment marketing.

The company is looking for a “visual design specialist - originals” whose life’s passion is, well, creating effective propaganda.   

“Do you know how to take an unknown title and make it a star? You will be creating the source of truth for all Netflix Originals can you handle that?” says a job listing posted earlier this month.

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Source of truth can you handle that? Punctuation purists need not apply.

Candidate must (natch) have a “love of movies,” plus “an encyclopedic knowledge of design options,” a “mind like a steel trap!” and an overdeveloped work ethic: “To you, managing hundreds of assets is a fun challenge.”

Netflix references “unknown titles,” but this won’t entirely be a pig-ears-into-silk-purses slog. The company’s high-profile, big budget House of Cards stars the not-unknown Kevin Spacey and you may have heard of the guy who directed the series, David Fincher. Netflix also just signed the Wachowskis to create some kind of mind-warping sci-fi show.

P.S. The successful visual design candidate will be “smart, confident -- and mature enough not to have an ego.” Canyouhandlethat?

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