Candid NBC Chair Greenblatt Assesses Fall Season, Praises Comcast


Reporting from Pasadena CA:  This morning at the NBC Network executive session at Television Critics Association press tour, NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt first thanked the press for their “tepid applause.”   But when the laughter died down, he offered an unusually frank assessment of NBC’s Fall season.

“I don’t really have a big speech or any major announcements to make this morning. I just want to get right to it,” said Greenblatt. “We had a really bad Fall, worse than I’d hoped for but actually about what I expected. People keep saying the only place we have to go is up, which I do believe is true, but there’s a lot of work to do before we get there.”

Generally accustomed to a steady stream of dissembling during executive sessions, critics tweeted their amazement.

@ScottDPierce Scott D. Pierce

What’s this? Honesty from NBC chief Robert Greenblatt? “We had a really bad fall. Worse than I hoped for, but about what I expected.” #TCA12

@BastardMachine Tim Goodman

“We had a bad fall. Worse than I hoped for but about what I expected.” - Greenblatt. Best. Start. Ever. To. TCA.

@KateAurthur Kate Aurthur

Wow, some crazy honesty from NBC head Bob Greenblatt! “We had a really bad fall.” I’m now awake. #TCA12

@RobOwenTV Rob Owen

Honesty at press tour! NBC chief: “We had a really bad fall”

Greenblatt then praised Comcast for their support.  “But the good news about NBC today is the fact that we now have new owners,” he said, “and they’re investing in our business not only with substantial financial resources, but with their patience. They want us to succeed, and they’re willing to do anything to make that happen, and that includes, as you all know, big financial commitments to the NFL and to the Olympics, financial commitments to reinvigorating the owned stations and providing me with everything that we need at NBC Entertainment to go after primetime.”