Canoe Who?


There are at least two "Project Canoes" out there. Here’s how to tell the difference between ‘em.

  • The cable industry’s ultra-secretive Project Canoe is geared around establishing standards for interactive and targeted TV ads. (So named because the six MSOs involved in the project - Comcast, Cox, Charter, Cablevision, Time Warner Cable and Bright House - are trying to row the skiff together.) The New York Times reported that the industry is keeping quiet about Canoe activities to date because it doesn’t want to hype something half-baked. Can’t really fault that strategy.
  • Canada’s Project CANOE, established in 1976, is an accredited member of the Ontario Camping Association. This Project CANOE (Creative and Natural Outdoor Experience Inc.), according to the charity’s Web site, "provides a variety of wilderness canoe trips for youth at risk (aged 13-17). These are youth who would not ordinarily have the opportunity to participate in outdoor activities with their peers due to learning, social, behavioural and/or economic difficulties." Something tells me the kids aren’t allowed to watch cable on those trips up to Lake Temagami.