Canoe's Orduña: 35.3 Million Interactive TV Overlays Served


At the B&C/Multichannel NewsAdvanced Advertising 4.0 event Tuesday in New York, Canoe Ventures Arthur Orduña — who recently moved into a new role as chief product officer — provided some numbers on the cable ad venture’s results to date on its interactive TV request for information product (see Canoe Realigns Senior Management Team).

Since Canoe launched the RFI product in Q3 2010, according to Orduña, it has delivered 35.3 million interactive overlays. UPDATE: Canoe has clarified that the 35.3 million figure represents all interactive TV triggers, including trivia and polling apps, not just RFI ads.

In the grand scheme of things, that’s actually not a whole lot. Currently, Canoe’s ITV products are capable of reaching more than 20 million digital cable homes, and has integrated them with seven cable networks: AMC, E, Style, Discovery, History, Bravo and USA Network.

So it’s still early days. Of the total RFI impressions served (which Canoe is not disclosing), 256,712 were ad interactions, and a total of approximately 38,000 households received something in the mail (a brochure or sample).

Advertisers that placed RFI-enabled spots with Canoe were in industries that included: auto, consumer-packaged goods, consumer services, direct-response TV marketers, entertainment, insurance, philanthropy and travel, according to Orduña.

He also provided metrics to show the effectiveness of interactive spots. Based on Canoe’s internal research (not actual RFI campaigns), interactive overlays provided an 11% increase in unaided recall, 132% higher brand recall, 51% more favorable impression of the brand and 75% higher likelihood to purchase.

“Will these numbers hold as we get more mature?” Orduña asked. “I’m not sure.”


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