CES: Dish Pumps Up a Big Hopper


Las Vegas — Dish has dropped a chunk of change on some primo real estate here at CES to prop up a gigantic, inflatable kangaroo.

It’s to promote Dish’s new multiroom DVR, the Hopper (the client set-tops are “Joeys”) — which the satellite operator brags is 40% smaller than DirecTV’s latest multiroom DVR box (see CES: Dish Adds Whole Home DVRCES: The Dish Hopper DVR’s PrimeTime Anytime: So Who Needs Hulu? and CES: Dish Poised To Unveil Wireless Broadband Plans, Multiroom DVR: Reports).

Here’s a pic of the mega-marsupial, which sits directly in front of the main entrance to the Central Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center:


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