Change Is Good


Readers may have noticed a few changes in the design of our magazine over the past few weeks.

We didn’t want to make a big fuss about it, but as we prepared to celebrate our 30th year, we wanted to bring our look into the future as well.

By changing a few things here and there, we hope to make the news more relevant to you and more helpful in your job.

Nothing has changed about the way we report the news and offer analysis. We still deliver the most comprehensive business news about the cable-TV industry. And fairness and accuracy are still the guideposts for everything we do.

Perhaps most importantly, we wanted to make sure the reporting that we put into the print magazine is available and easy to navigate on multiple platforms.

The redesigned book will open with a section of several pages of news and analysis, filled with bold stories that will introduce you to the ideas, products and personalities that are shaping the cable industry. This first section is followed by four weekly sections that dig deeper into specific silos of the business - technology, programming, regulation and finance.

Finally, we’ll have a community page that welcomes voices and viewpoints from around the cable industry.

You’ll notice the big design improvements from editorial/ creative director Anthony Savona and art director Alberto Gonzalez, and a vision pushed by our CEO, Steve Palm, in very specific areas:

• More lively colors. Who says a trade magazine has to have dull colors? Expect bolder shapes and brighter shades and fonts that are easier on the eyes.

• More infographics. Why not make it easier for readers who just want the numbers? We’ll deliver more snapshots of the data and analysis we’ve aggregated to help make the magazine a faster, more informative read.

• More online. At the end of most stories, readers will notice a box pointing them to additional information online, usually on our site - a story, video or chart - that complements a particular story.

• More analysis. Readers can get their news on the cable industry from many places. But at Multichannel News you get the whole story. Expect more context on complicated stories and issues.

• More community. We’re offering a page to you. That’s right, a page dedicated to your ideas, tweets, emails, suggestions - and your complaints.

In coming weeks, we’ll continue to make adjustments to the design.

We ask that you help us with feedback. What would you like to see? E-mail us your thoughts at