Charter Expands DOCSIS 3.0 to More Than 8 Million Households


Charter had a busy first quarter of 2011 on the DOCSIS 3.0 front: The operator deployed DOCSIS 3.0 to an additional 1.5 million homes in the period, to stand at about 8 million, or 70% of Internet home passed, at the end of March.

That’s more than triple the 2.4 million homes passed by DOCSIS 3.0 (21% of Internet footprint) in Q1 2010, according to a breakdown Charter provided in its Q1 earnings release.

On the switched digital video front, Charter is now at 64% of 11.8 million video homes passed — up from 14% of 11.6 million video homes passed in the year-ago quarter.

The St. Louis-based MSO expects the DOCSIS 3.0 and SDV deployments to be 100% completed by the end of 2011, Charter president and CEO Mike Lovett said on today’s call.

According to a Charter spokeswoman, the MSO has provided those stats in its last two earnings calls but this is the first time it’s included them in the release.

Over all on the residential side, Charter video subs declined 25,100 sequentially (to 4.25 million); broadband subs increased 87,900 (to 3.33 million); and phone subs were up 24,000 (to 1.74 million) — see Charter Has Solid Q1.


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