Christian Against Baby-Murdering Muslims for President!

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You can’t make this stuff up, you just can’t.    the poll mavens at snapped the photo of some guy standing outside obama’s economic speech holding up a sign that says "Ohio Christians !Against! Baby Murdering Muslims for President."

At least he didn’t say "Baby Murdering Terrorist Muslims for President."

It’s absurd. And it would be laughable if it weren’t oh, so real.  Huge numbers of voters have bought into the idea that Barack Obama is a Muslim.

And that about sums up the fascism running like a poison through deep veins of this country…pushed by email fallacies,  far right and Christian radio, Fox News’ Sean Hannity and the McCain campaign itself.

This has been going on for a long time…as far back at least when the descredited mike???? pushed that underground email suggesting that Barack Obama attended a madrasas.  (The email is STILL making the rounds, btw…a friend of mine received it just the other day…

This is the same guy Sean Hannity featured in his propganda "documentary" worthy of Goebbels….using ???? as a primary source to suggest that Obama was associating w/ terrorist.

Bill Kristol wrote an excellent op-ed piece just two weeks ago.  For months Christian radio has been calling Obama the anti-Christ.

This country has gone, officially, off its rocker - or at least a good portion of it.  And that includes Fox News Sean Hannity.  Why hasn’t he been reprimanded?  or suspended?

And what does it tell you about the McCain/Palin campaign that they were willing to tap that dangerous and poisoned well? That they were willing to unleash the shadow side of the voter for what?  power?  blind unmitigated ambition?

As moderate Christian - and I consider myself one - we have an obligation to confront the underground river of poison.  and NOW.  It’s no longer okay to dismiss it. 

The McCain campaign may hate MSM but this election MSM is finally and collectively NOT allowing our airwaves to be used as poison.