Cisco's TV Group Therapy


Where do old TVs go to vent their rage and feelings of inadequacy?

Cisco has posted a YouTube video teasing its Jan. 5 announcement at CES, featuring an “Obsolete TV Support” group-therapy session.

Says one of the depressed TVs: “With DVRs, on-demand, pods and pads — it’s overwhelming. I feel left out!”

Then, a ray of hope. “Look, soon everyone in here will have access to a nearly infinite library of content, anytime you want it,” says the group leader. “And it’s all thanks to –” at which point he’s interrupted by a loud bleat from the guy near the refreshments table.

It’s pretty funny, if derivative of the deadpan sitcom-vérité style of The Office:

Cisco’s CES preview page offers a few other clues: “All of your devices. All of your content. All together now. Imagine a world where primetime happens all the time and the path to riches is paved with richer content.”

Does this mean Cisco chairman and CEO John Chambers will be dressing up like an analog TV set, with a set of rabbit ears?

Stay tuned…