CNBC Issues Challenge: Who Will Step Up and Lead?


9:55a.m. CNBC wants to know: who will step up and lead us out of the financial crisis.  The network just issued this statement on air:

"AN OPEN INVITATION: To CEO’s, mutual fund managers and financial leaders to appear on CNBC with your plan to lead us out of this financial crisis."

Recently, there’s been some discussion of the so-called "CNBC effect" and the network’s role in driving down the markets.  One market psychologist complained about "catastrophizing" and "bad word langauge."

Managing editor Tyler Mathisen openly expressed frustration and challenged market titans to come forward. "Conspicuous to me," said Mathisen,"with a few notable exceptions, like Warren Buffet, who have tried to calm nerves and explain steps that might be taken, there have been a number of conspicuous CEO’s who have not done so…this is the place for them to speak not only to the country-at-large but to their shareholders and their customers."

Mathisen said CNBC contacted some of the biggest mutual fund managers, but they have so far declined to appear on the network.