CNN's Campbell Brown Goes Journalistic. McCain Cancels Larry King Appearance


This video (see below) is zipping across the Internet today, on my Twitter group etc. CNN anchor Campbell Brown confronts McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds on GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin’s foreign policy chops.

One of the more entertaining headlines, credited to FishbowlLA:

"Go Campbell Brown - Get All Journalistic On His Ass"

Apparently, the McCain peeps are in a snit.  Now, TV Newser reports their sources say John McCain’s appearance on CNN’s Larry King Live has been canceled because of Brown’s vigorous line of questioning.  Yes, they so have to worry about Larry King getting all journalistic on McCain’s backside.

Update: NY Times also says that McCain has canceled due to Campbell Brown’s interview with Bounds: Wolf Blitzer, the CNN anchor, announced the news on Tuesday afternoon, saying, “A senior McCain adviser tells CNN the interview has been pulled because of a segment CNN ran last night during Campbell Brown’s ‘Election Central’.

Campbell Brown vs. Tucker Bounds: