Comcast IDs The Tops In VOD For 2013


Comcast on Friday meted out its “Xfinity On Demand Awards” for 2013, recognizing the TV shows and movies that got the most views, rentals and outright purchases during the year.

Although the MSO didn’t provide any specific usage metrics, Comcast noted that it’s been racking up about 400 million views per month on its set-top-based VOD platform. Anyway, here’s a snapshot of the best and brightest (so far) for 2013, a year in which Comcast pushed the on-demand needle with its first-ever “Watchathon Week” in March, which set several VOD usage marks for the MSO, followed by September's Xfinity TV Fall Fest:

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Most-Viewed Overall TV SeriesDownton Abbey, followed by The Blacklist, Game of Thrones, Sleepy Hollow and The Walking Dead.

Most-Viewed New TV Series: The Blacklist, followed by Sleepy HollowUnder the Dome, Bates Motel and The Bible.

Most-Viewed New Release Movies (for rent): Identity Thief , followed by FlightArgo, Django Unchained and Taken 2.

Most-Purchased Movies (to own): Despicable Me 2, followed by Fast & Furious 6, The Hunger Games, The Wolverine and Red 2.

That last category is still very young, at least for Comcast. Recall, that the MSO launched its electronic video store about a month ago, starting off with just over 170 movies and a mere seven TV series.

Comcast also identified who was tops in several other VOD categories, including most-viewed kids movie (Wreck-it Ralph), most-viewed kits TV series (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse), and most-viewed indie flick (6 Souls). The full list of winners and runners-up is available here.