Comcast Stockpiles VOD Trademarks


Add “AnyScreen,” “StreamPix” and “StreamShow” to the list of names Comcast might use for some future VOD service.

The MSO filed trademark applications for each of those within the last two months, which all cover “Provision of non-downloadable films, television programs and other video content via a video-on-demand service.”

Earlier this year, Comcast reserved the right to use “Videofest,” also for a VOD service (see Comcast Trademarks ‘Videofest’).

Those four names fall into the “intent to use” classification of the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office — as opposed to the “use in commerce” registration. The “intent to use” registration, the USPTO says, is required “if you have not yet used your mark in commerce, but intend to use it in the future.”

Comcast’s VOD names are arguably a bit pedestrian — more descriptive than fanciful. But they’re a million times better than “Qwikster.”

One more idea for the Comcasters: VODitorium! You’re welcome.


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