Comcast Trademarks 'Videofest'


On April 5, Comcast filed a trademark application for “Videofest,” described as referring to “provision of non-downloadable films, television programs and other video content via a video-on-demand service.”

What are the Comcasters, who are hugely focused on VOD, going to do with “Videofest”?

Perhaps nothing. I’m told by a Comcast source that the name doesn’t refer to any service currently in the works. Companies sometimes reserve a mark just because it hasn’t yet been claimed and reserve it for possible future use.

Meanwhile, appears to be a link-aggregation site unrelated to Comcast. The domain name is registered through an outfit with an address in the Cayman Islands.

Note to Comcast’s trademark department: You guys should act now to get VideoFiesta! It’s still unclaimed.


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