Congressman Still Wants to Outlaw Usage-Based Pricing and Bandwidth Caps


Time Warner Cable has blinked – suspending plans to proceed with the consumption-based pricing tests in four markets — but the company has already created a political foe who’s not letting the issue rest.

Rep. Eric Massa (D-N.Y.), in a statement yesterday, patted his supporters on the back for forcing TWC to postpone the metered billing trials

But he’s still planning to proceed with the Broadband Internet Fairness Act, which would “eliminate broadband Internet caps, increase competition and provide incentives for businesses while protecting the consumer.” (See N.Y. Congressman Plans Bill Banning Internet-Usage Billing.)

“We’re delighted that common sense prevailed,” Massa said. “Together we have won and I am glad that I was able to play a small part in bringing about this change. This is a true grassroots victory, but we will move forward with our legislation to ensure that any future plans to charge customers based on how much they download do not spring up anywhere else.”