Craig Ferguson Says: "We Don't Suspend The Democratic Process in America!"


Have I ever said how much I heart Craig Ferguson?  Well, I do.  No late night talk show host makes me laugh out loud as much as Ferguson. Fortunately, a clip of tonight’s monologue was posted on Youtube almost immediately.  (As I write, the show is still airing on the west coast.)

Newly minted American citizen and true believer, Ferguson had this to say about John McCain’s decision to suspend his presidential campaign.

I can’t believe John McCain wants to suspect the debate. You can’t suspend the democratic process because we’re facing problems!  At what point do you think that, "well maybe we’ll suspect the election, we’ll have the elections later."

Some people have done that before.  Castro did it.  Napoleon did it.  Julius Caesar did it.

Ferguson then approached the camera, shaking his finger at the viewing audience.

Listen, listen,  listen.  You can’t do that!   If you want to take a couple days off, spend it with your kids - I think McCain’s kids are in their fifties or something - but you don’t say "we’re suspending the campaign."  You can’t say that!  It’s the democratic process.

We didn’t suspend it for 9/11.  We didn’t suspend it for Pearl Harbor.  We didn’t suspend it for the Nazis.  We didn’t suspend it for the damn British!  We don’t do that in America!!  We don’t!  There’s no suspending the campaign!

Democracy first, first, first, first, first!  Democracy first!

Ferguson’s parting shot, at the conclusion of tonight’s show: "I hope you remember, we don’t suspend the democratic process in America."