Current Airs Incomplete "Heroes of The Writers' Strike"; "Army Wives" Production on Hold


Current just aired Heroes of the Writers’ Strike, a fun vid made by some striking writers.

The problem:  a key line was deleted from the Current version.

Here’s what I said last Thursday about Heroes of the Writers’ Strike:

Even more entertaining: this clever little short, "Heroes of the Writers’ Strike" set to Bachman-Turner Overdrive’s "Takin’ Care of Business."  The vid features well-known and successful writers working in fast food joints and bowling alleys.

“Hey, what’s your backstory?” winks Doug Ebock (Sweet Home Alabama) as he hands a pair of bowling shoes over the counter.

The closing credits say it all:   Delivered over the Internet. Ya know - that thing we don’t get paid for.

However, somehow, the version that just aired on Current only contains this line, "Delivered over the Internet."  

This key phrase that followed was blanked out: "Ya know - that thing we don’t get paid for."  So was the email address (

Maybe Current didn’t care for that dangling modifier. 

I adore Current to bits - obviously, since I’m watching the channel on a Saturday night with an ice pack plastered to my head. (migraine!)

But…what up with the missing punch line?

Click here for the Current version.

And here for the complete version posted on Youtube.

Hollywood Reporter says production of the second season of Lifetime’s Army Wives, scheduled to begin late November, is now on ice.

102 staffers were laid off from The Office last week.  A view of the real impact of the lay-offs from those who are living it, as reported in the LA Times "Show Tracker" blog, (via email from Dale Alexander, a key grip on NBC’s The Office):

Our show was shut down and we were all laid off this week….

I respect the WGA’s position. They probably do deserve a larger percentage of profit participation, but a lengthy strike will affect more than just the writers and studios. On my show we had 14 writers. There were also 2 cameramen, 2 camera assistants, 4 hair stylists, 4 makeup artists, 7 wardrobe people, 4 grips, 4 electricians,  2 craft service,  4 props people, 6 construction, 1 medic, 3 art department, 5 set dressers, 3 sound men, 3 stand-ins, 2 set PAs, 4 assistant directors, 1 DGA trainee, 1 unit manager, 6 production office personnel, 3 casting people, 4 writers assistants, 1 script supervisor, 2 editors, 2 editors assistants, 3 post production personnel, 1 facilities manager, 8 drivers,  2 location managers,  3 accountants, 4 caterers and a producer who’s not a writer. All 102 of us are now out of work.…