#demonsheep, Carly Fiorina's Amityville Horror Remake


You gotta luv California politics.  Here’s Carly Fiorina’s wildly bizarre attack on Tom Campbell, posted yesterday on YouTube.  From the foreboding narration to the (not kidding) glowing animal eyes ripped from The Amityville Horror, the ad is the perfect accompaniment to a buttery chardonnay and an after-dinner joint.

Michael Scherer of Time Mags Swampland blog recommends viewing while listening to Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon.”

It’s Twitter-tagged as #demonsheep.

and it just gets better…this tweet just in from @davecatanese - a reporter for Politico:  Morning e-mail from the @CarlyforCA campaign: “Good morning to ewe,” No joke. #demonsheep #CA-SEN