Digeo's Multiroom DVR: $400 Per Room

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Paul Allen’s Digeo keeps doggedly flogging its high-end DVR, evidently hoping more than a few well-heeled home-theater buffs will cough up the coin for its products.

The company this week is launching its multiroom-DVR “Moxi Mate” (pictured below), a small non-DVR set-top that accesses recordings on a primary Moxi HD DVR over a home network.

The price tag for the Moxi Mate? $400 each. That’s on top of the $800 for the Moxi HD DVR. For a limited time, Digeo will sell you a Moxi and a Mate together for (just!) $1,000. (It’s also proferring an interest-free plan of $49.95 per month for 20 months for the bundle.)

Digeo notes that competitors — i.e., TiVo — require customers to purchase multiple DVRs to get multiroom functionality. But at $400 a pop for its non-DVR set-top, Digeo’s not much of a bargain.

Also this week, Digeo is announcing support for the Motorola and Cisco SDV tuning adapters. And, it says the Moxi DVR is now compatible with the LaCie 4big Quadra 6-Terabyte drive for up to 1,000 hours of HD recording — a little number that’s only gonna set you big spenders back $1,400.