Dish Crüe Brews 'NÜTV'


Evoking the heyday of ’80s hair-metal bands, Dish Network has filed for a trademark on “NÜTV” -- complete with an umlaut.

What’s the news on NÜTV?

It seems to refer to a service that would provide access to TV shows and movies on a range of portable devices, via a cloud-based digital locker or streaming.

NÜTV may be the name of Dish's rumored over-the-top Internet TV service; company spokesman John Hall declined to provide additional info on the filing or what the name is for.

The NÜTV application cites “downloadable movies, series, television programs,” as well as “provision of non-downloadable movies and television programs via a video-on-demand service.” In addition, it talks about “providing temporary use of online non-downloadable cloud computing software for uploading, downloading, storing, streaming, and viewing movies, series, television programs, music, periodicals, and books.”

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The filing also mentions DVRs and an “apparatus for controlling access to pay-television services, television receivers,” and “television broadcasting to mobile devices, namely mobile phones, smartphones, laptops, and tablets.”

The satellite operator’s Dish Digital unit filed for trademark protection for both “NÜTV” and “NUTV” (without the umlaut) on Feb. 12. “The mark consists of the stylized version of letters ‘n’ and ‘u’ with an umlaut over the ‘u’ followed by the letters ‘t’ and ‘v’ in superscript,” the Dish filing for the former mark says.

One issue I see with this already: Even with the umlaut, you can read it as "Nut TV." TV for people who are nuts?

Whatever NÜTV turns out to be, I sure hope it offers unlimited views of This Is Spinal Tap (technically styled “Spın̈al Tap,” for all you Nigel Tufnel fans).

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