Down the Shore, Without Advanced Cable


Guess I missed my HDTV more than I expected.

Last week, between digging in the sand and setting marshmallows on fire down the Jersey Shore, we watched a lot of the Olympics.

But it was like we were back in the summer of 2000: Our beach house had basic cable and a standard-def TV set.

No DVR or VOD, of course. We couldn’t stay awake for the women’s all-around gymnastics final, and we couldn’t record it either. We did catch Michael Phelps’ unbelievable hundredth-of-a-second margin of victory in the 100-meter butterfly — but couldn’t rewind it.

Oh, and is delivering some 2,200 hours of live event coverage. Too bad we were roughing it with dial-up Internet.

Things got so bad I ended up reading an actual book. 

Sure, our retro vacation was a total blast. It definitely beat an HDTV "stay-cation," which would have produced some really lame family photos.

And some things are better experienced in person. Like Lucy the Elephant, a 65-foot-high wooden attraction in Margate, N.J., built in 1881. Talk about high-def!